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Hunter and Canon – Our Partnership

Our team sells and leases copiers from several manufacturers, so this is not a hit piece trying to explain why Canon is amazing and every other copier is not. We realize there are situations where a brand or model makes more sense based on your business environment. What we would like to talk about here is why we have Canon as a centerpiece of our go-to-market strategy here in the Tri-state area.


When running a service organization, one of the most important KPIs is the average time between failure. When we look at all the products we service, or when you look at industry-specific testing like Buyer’s Lab, Canon consistently is top-rated for the number of pages the copiers produce without errors or jamming issues.

Our team understands when you are looking for a copier to run your business, the ideal circumstance is it sits in the office, prints and scans when needed, but generally speaking you never have to think about the printers or copiers. Our team has found with Canon, our long term customer retention is excellent, and that is one of the most important things we could ask for.


Canon uses some of the best technology and even integrates with its own Document Management platform called uniFLOW. Canon understands business process and how to make offices more efficient. Our team loves to leverage their knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with the best possible copier experience.


Many copier manufacturers have struggled with inventory levels and with their availability since the pandemic hit. Canon has made it clear to us what is available and have helped us navigate any issues with shortages.


If you want to get a copier quote that is competitive with technology that wins awards, you should consider getting a Canon copier lease. Our team is here to help you.

Some of the popular models of Canon include:

  • imageRUNNER C3926i
  • imageRUNNER C3930i
  • imageRUNNER C3935i
  • imageRUNNER 4825i
  • imageRUNNER 4835i
  • imageRUNNER 4845i
  • imageRUNNER C478iF
  • imageRUNNER C568iF
  • imageRUNNER C257iF
  • imageRUNNER C357iF

Contact Hunter today!

If you are looking for a copier for your Tri-state business, we would love to help you get a Canon copier. We will show you the technology and value available from Canon and if there is another brand or model that works better for your application, then we are also happy to show you our other partner products.

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