Used Copiers for Tri-state region

Used Copiers are an option!

When choosing a copier for your business there are many options. One of the critical points of consideration has to do with the budget. When looking to maximize your copier budget, getting a used copier, certified pre-owned, etc can make a huge difference in your monthly costs.

Where are they from?

One question some clients have is where are these copiers coming from. The good news is most of the copiers we are selling as used have been maintained by Hunter Business Systems for years and when the lease ended, we took the copier back when the client upgraded. What this means is when we get these copiers back, they are in good shape. These come from businesses just like yours, who needed a copier, and when they upgraded, they returned the copier to us as part of that deal. Think of it like a used car trade-in when you get a new car.

What about service?

When you get a used copier from Hunter Business Systems, there is peace of mind because we put your copier on the same supplies and service agreement as a new copier. When you get a used copier from us for your Tri-state office, you know you are covered.

What are the drawbacks?

There are only two real drawbacks to getting a used copier.

Aged Technology: If you get a copier today that is brand new, you will also get all of the technology that is newer. This could include apps to connect to the Cloud or even the most robust print security features. When you discuss the copier need with your account specialist, we will help you determine if a used copier is right for you.

More Mechanical Issues: We don’t want to sugarcoat this, even though the copiers we sell or lease that are used are gone through by our technicians and covered by a service agreement, they are mechanical. Mechanical items do break, so these will more than likely have issues sooner than a new copier would. Of course, we will resolve these issues as part of your service agreement, but downtime is always a bad thing for a busy business.

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