Upgrading Copiers

Upgrading a Copier

When we chat with potential customers, one frequent question we get centers around being able to upgrade equipment early. In this article, we will go over when it makes sense (and when it doesn’t make sense) for a company to get an early upgrade on their copier or print equipment.

Here at Hunter Business Systems, we have helped clients get copiers for their business for decades, and we serve the Tri-state area with quality equipment your business can count on. Let’s dig into when an early upgrade makes sense for your next copier.

Consistent Issues

One of the main reasons companies are looking to upgrade is due to consistent issues with their current device. This can be jamming issues or driver issues that make the copier not seem to work on a consistent basis, and over time, companies start to decide they can’t tolerate not being able to work daily without their copier, so they inquire about an upgrade. This can be a great reason to consider an upgrade.

Parts Shortages

This is similar to the last issue, but rather than jamming all the time causing more work for staff to clear jams, this would be when the copier is so broken that only new parts and a technician can get the copier working again. The copier is completely down. If this happens, and then parts are weeks, or more, out… then companies explore options.

Capacity Changes

Some companies start with one need for the amount of printing, but as companies grow, they could outgrow the copier they initially leased. Generally in this situation, adding another copier to the initial one works better. The time when the early upgrade makes more sense is if there is a space reason you couldn’t have an additional copier(s).

End of Lease

Often, customers will look to refresh their copier a few months before the end of the current lease to ensure there are no service disruptions. Technically this is early, but financially is generally accepted and doesn’t add much cost to the next lease. If the end of the lease is more than 6 months away, one of the reasons above should be causing enough grief to necessitate the swap out. If there are years remaining, it is even more imperative that the challenges above are happening.

When getting a copier lease, ideally, you would go from one term to the next and not need an early upgrade, but there are certain circumstances where an early lease upgrade makes sense. Contact Hunter to discuss your early copier lease upgrade options.

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