Returning a Copier

Curious about returning your copier at the end of the lease?

At the end of a copier lease, one of the steps companies often don’t realize they need to consider is their obligation to get the old copier back to the leasing company. If you have never had a copier shipped before, there are some items to consider to help ensure there are no “surprise charges” at the end of your copier lease. Hunter Business Systems can help you arrange a ship back on a copier, even if you didn’t get your last copier from us.

Take Pictures

As you package your copier to be returned, take pictures. This can be where you have removed the toner cartridges and set them aside in a seperate box to taking pictures of the copier itself. This is important in case the leasing company says the copier was damaged, you can show the condition the copier was in when it left your facility.

Insure the Shipment

Next, when you pay the shipping company to do the transport, make sure you insure the copier. This will help in case there is any damage while the copier is shipped back to the leasing company. The ideal amount to insure the shipment for is the buyout amount of the copier (in case the damage is so bad it must be scrapped.)

Plan Ahead

Copiers take time to ship because they go in a freight truck, not a normal UPS or FEDEX style of shipping. With that being said, if the leasing company requires the copier back by Oct 31st of this year, the time to start shipping it is not October 25th. You need to be sure there is enough time between when you ship the copier and when the leasing company requires getting it back by.

If you have questions about shipping a copier back at the end of your lease, contact Hunter Business Systems to learn more about how we can help you. We send 100’s of copiers a year, so we can help with items like scheduling, preparations, replacement of the copier, and even helping to ensure you account for things like stairs and supplies.

Hunter Business Systems is here to help, so reach out to us to learn how we can help your Tri-state (New York, Manhattan, Bronx and Eastern PA) copiers get sent back to the leasing company as easily and cost effectively as possible!

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