Getting a Copier for a Home User

Choosing a copier for a home user

Many companies have allowed employees to work from home, and for those companies, it is important to have the right copier equipment for home users. If the worker at home is going to be as productive as they are when they are in the office, then they need the same capabilities, but with a smaller physical footprint.

We have small desktop copiers, generally from Lexmark, which work great for this application. The copiers print, scan, fax, and copy – often at speeds similar to bigger machines within the office.

Why not just get the smaller copiers?

Some companies may think if they are as fast as the big copiers we have, why not just standardize and do all small copiers? You could definitely do that, but we find this doesn’t work as well in the shared space because the smaller copiers would need more maintenance (slowing productivity of staff), would cost more per print (increasing costs), and would have to load paper much more often. However, if printing is limited, that could work.

If you would like to get a copier in the Tri-state area, please give us a call. We have the equipment and the technicians to help you get the copier your company needs!

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