|Copier Leasing

When looking to get a copier in the Tri-state area, you have come to the right place. Hunter Business System takes pride in helping our clients get the best printers and copiers for their business. We understand when you get a copier or printer, you are not just buying the equipment, but you are wanting an outcome.

We do not sell copiers because you are supposed to have a copier. We solve business problems. We understand these issues can be different for different clients, so our passion is finding the right technology for your business. This is also why we partner with multiple manufacturers. If Canon does not fit for you, a Lexmark product will. Let's look at some of the common issues we help solve.

  • Right Sizing - Some clients have copiers that are way too big or small for their actual needs. This affects your productivity.
  • Scanning - Some clients do enormous scanning volumes and need the right device to keep up.
  • Workflow - Other clients have workflows they want to the scanner to connect to. This could involve a shared drive on the network or in the Cloud. It could also be integrating with a document management system.
  • Budgets - We have some clients who are most concerned about their budget, which is where we can offer used copiers and affordable options.
  • Uptime - We have clients who are very busy and having copier downtime affects their ability to make money. With these clients, we are leasing a copier that has the best service record in the industry to ensure they can always print.

Copier leasing is the traditional method businesses use to get a copier to help solve one of the issues listed above. Our team will help you get either an FMV lease or a $1 Out lease in the Tri-state area. This area includes:

  • Eastern PA
  • Staten Island
  • New Jersey
  • Brooklyn
  • Manhattan

Our team is committed to getting your business a plan that works for you. We always work with you to ensure the needs you have will be met and you know a local friendly provider is available to help. We believe being based here locally gives us an advantage national companies do not have. Some of these benefits include:

  • Local Technicians - We have our own copier technicians to help take care of any copier lease we sell.
  • Personable - You will get to know our team by name. We have a large footprint in the area, but you will have assigned sales and service personnel you will be able to call if there are ever issues.
  • Local Jobs - Being local means we contribute to the local economy. We are not some company based in another part of the country or run by a manufacturer where there are no local jobs created. When you work with Hunter, you help your local community.

If you would like a copier lease in the Tri-state area, Hunter Business Systems would love to help. Our team will help you understand the benefits of leasing from us and how we can help your business take advantage of the technologies available to your team!